Friday, July 20, 2012

Home Goodies

I'll admit that part of my sudden interest in home goods is that I finally have a home!  It's strange- it's all happened sooner and later than I thought it would.  Sooner, as I was finally growing accustomed to a more nomadic lifestyle.  After I was first married, I had the strong instinct to settle down and 'nest,' so to speak.  When it was quickly apparent that we'd remain renters for a while, I gradually incorporated that into my outlook.  As it came to us moving back to WA, I had prepared myself mentally for apartment living again, and was determined to live happily and set up shop in an even smaller corner than I had at our last tiny place!  But praise God, there were other plans to follow & my creativity is abounding in my wonderful new space!  My younger self would have thought it all a long time coming, but here and now, I remain amazed and grateful. 

So… home goods!  That's what I was writing about.  While I'm still not ready to reveal the main project for my new Etsy Store (soon!), I wanted to talk about a thought I had for additional stocking purposes- tea towels!  The thought came because I could use some new kitchen towels now.  The very nice ones we got for our wedding are starting to wear a bit & have some stains… so of course, I thought to make some new ones for myself.  It occurred to me that perhaps others would like new kitchen towels too.  I've got some great designs floating in my head & I'm excited to try them out.  It dawned on me that sewing tea towels on my own from scratch would take a fair bit more time than if I found some high-quality ones to decorate.  I searched and searched- I wanted American made cotton towels that had nicely finished edges.  I think I found some that will fit the bill!  They are the "Deluxe Flour Sack Towels" from ACS Home and Work.  They'll be sending me a sample so I can check on the quality myself (very kind of them to do so!), but from their description and the reviews I read, I'm sure they will be top notch.  Here's a link to their store, if you are interested in ordering any towels or soft home goods from them for yourself:

ACS Home and Work   

I'm really looking forward to implementing my designs.  Of course, there will be a tea cup design (as is partially pictured above in the quick marker sketch I did), to truly make one that will go well with one's tea accoutrement.  :)

Okay!  Back to work!  Much to do, and less time to do it in! 

Happy summer to y'all!

 A Zinnia from my little garden

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