Friday, October 12, 2012

The Palomino Pegasus

The Palomino Pegasus says:

The Brightly Hude Home Etsy Shop opens Monday!

Look for an announcement here, on the BHH Blog, and on the new BHH Facebook page when everything is up & listed!  The Palomino Pegasus appreciates your patience while we set up shop (a longer process than we initially thought), and hopes to see you there on Monday, October 15th!

Thank you,

Adalee & The Palomino Pegasus

Friday, October 5, 2012

There be Unicorns!

Today is the day!

I am most pleased and excited to unveil my big project that I've been working on for months now… decorative mobiles!  Just a little something to hang in your office, in your kid's room, or over a crib!  They add a bit of whimsy to any room, are cute to look at (but not overly-cutesty, I hope!), and are fun to see swaying and gently turning to any bit of circulating air. 

To start with, I've got two main themes going with my mobiles- "Under the Sea" and "Fantasy."  Since this is my studio blog with a strong connection to horses, I'm going to share my fantasy themed mobiles here!  I'm thinking y'all are going to like my unicorns and pegausus (pegasai?).  These are just a couple of quick shots- more will be shown when the Etsy store opens on 10/10, and you will be able to see even more 'sneak peeks' on the new Brightly Hude Home Facebook page!  Come on over & "like" us to see what's always going on at Brightly Hude Home.

Enough talk- pictures now!

 The Unicorn (yes, I did do the flaxen chestnut appy!).

The Pegasus Mobile (I've got a palomino one ready to be assembled!).

And Hubby's favorite… the Dragon.  He still needs to be put together…!

They are all made of high quality wool-blend felt, are freehand quilted with hand-stiched details, and are filled with non-allergenic poly filling.  They hang from wooden embroidery hoops painted with chalk paint and sealed with local beeswax.

To see the "Under the Sea" mobiles, visit the Brightly Hude Home blog.

So there's just a quick look for today- I still have a lot of assembling to do to get ready for Wednesday!  Better get back to work… :)