Friday, November 11, 2011

Poster Prints!

*Edited*  Only 2 Prints are now available- I wasn't happy with how "Autumn Ginkgo" was printing.  I need to re-do the file!  
"A is for Adopt" and "I Have No Egrets" are still available.

Seeing as many of y'all liked my "Autumn Ginkgo" and "I Have No Egrets" prints, I decided to make them available to order, along with my "A is for Adopt" poster print.  The first two are available as 5 x 7's (they look great matted in 8 x 10 frames), and the latter is available as an 8 x 10.  The prints will be professionally printed on photo paper with a matte finish.  They will be shipped via USPS first class mail, and domestic & Canadian postage is free! (International orders, please email me for a price).  "Autumn Ginkgo" and "I Have No Egrets" are $8 , and "A is for Adopt" is $10.  They do not include mats/frames, but those should be easy to find for their sizes. Please email me at sales (at) brightlyhude . com if you are interested!  It may take me a few days to get them printed & shipped, but I will attend to your order as quickly as I can.  Thank you!


And the winners are...

Thanks to the random number generator, we have our winners!

Congratulations to:

A. Brushwork Tile & Shelf
Chris Allen

B. Jitterbug Artifact
Heather Wells

C. Arabian Halter
Vicki Foster Scott

D. Ringtail Lemur Sketch
Lindy Pinkham

E. Hippo sketch
Linda Dean

F. “I Have No Egrets" Print
Liz Strauss

G. "Autumn Ginkgo"

H. Black Appaloosa Pin 
Jeanene Bernardin

I. Grey Sabino Pin 
Susan Natschke 

J. Brigand resin
Becky Turner

Trivia Answers!

The winner:  Bev Manderfeld

1)    What is your name?
Everyone got this right! (I hope!)

2)    What is the name of my cat?
Jeanie!  I sculpted a pin portrait of her, & she was featured in a poster

3)    Which sculpture of mine had the largest OF run?
Skara Brae (at 50 pieces)

4)    How many different pins/pendants (not ornaments) have I sculpted?
17, counting the 2 different TB's (though I did accept 16, if you counted them as one sculpt).

5)    What movie inspired the name of the “Bring Out Your Chinas” show?
Monty Python & the Holy Grail

The bonus question was fun!  I certainly received a variety of animals- more than I'd expected!  Thank you all for giving me food for thought.  :)

Thank you to everyone who played- I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me!  Winners- feel free to email me your snail mail address, or I will get in touch with you soon!  More fun stuff to come in the next  post....


Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Years, 1 Month...


Many, many thanks to all of you who have entered the give-away, trivia contest, and who have answered the poll!  If you still want to do any of these things, today is your last chance!  You have until 9 pm, PST.  Follow This Link to go to that blog post, with all of the pictures and instructions.  And here's a tip for the trivia contest- just about all of the answers can be found on my website,, plus I've decided that if you answer the bonus question (so far, I think everyone who's entered, has) it will make up for one missed question.

Okay!  Winners, trivia answers, and a the auction for the black tobiano Callahan resin all to come tomorrow!


My very first (usually messy) studio, with my little gray kitty.  She's still my supervisor!
The chicken wire was from a school project....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Huzzah for 10 Years!

We're back!!!
Did you guess the names right?

The year was 2001- I had my studio & the kiln all set up in the living room of my small apartment in Long Beach.  I had passed the fire inspection; I had a city license, and a CA Seller’s Permit that read Velasquez Artistry, 10/10/01.  I was ready to make shiny ponies!  It was an exciting and occasionally overwhelming time.  Having learned my craft from Joan Berkwitz of Pour Horse Pottery (who greatly supported me, especially in those early years), striking out on my own in earnest was truly a “trial by fire.”  I was a Junior in college, pursuing my B.A. in Art from CSULB at the time I started my business, and sometimes it was quite the juggling act to do horses in between homework!  The summer months proved much more productive.  I’d like to say I learned a lot with each horse I produced.  Falconbridge and Brigand taught me about bases (never again, in ceramic!), Skara Brae taught me about OF production, Black Jack Davy was crucial to developing my CM skills, Sheila taught me about contours in sculpting (i.e. muscles are not necessarily flat!), with Jitterbug I figured out that a fancy pattern could be done in OF (if the run is small, and you’re up for a challenge!), and with Jellibaby, Toot Sweet & Callahan, I began to realize just how important it is to really study good reference material when you’re sculpting (and that you need lots of it!).  And in the background of all of this, I was continually being pushed, guided, and greatly inspired by other artists in our industry.  Many thanks to Joan, Kristina Lucas-Francis, Lesli Kathman, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, Lynn Fraley, and to every wonderful artist out there who’s taken the plunge into the ceramic realm, for your parts in making me the artist I am today.  I also owe a great debt of gratitude to all of my wonderful customers who have supported me through the years- you’ve allowed me to make a living doing something I love, and I cannot thank you all enough.  Lastly, I remain ever thankful to God who granted me these talents in the first place- I always and ever hope to use them to bear good fruit and I look forward to the places they will lead me in the future.

I forgot to thank the Academy… oh, and my dear, supportive husband, who put the ‘Hude’ into Brightly Hude (thanks, Honey)! 

Now then- I promised a bit of fun, didn’t I?

Trivia Game!

Let’s start out with a bit of Trivia!  Fun things you just might know about Velasquez Artistry/Brightly Hude.  To play, just zip me an email with the word “Trivia” in the subject line (Adalee [at] BrightlyHude . com). I will draw a name from the folks with the right answers, and the winner will get a $50 gift certificate!


1)    What is your name? (and Quest/Color, if you like)
2)    What is the name of my cat?
3)    Which sculpture of mine had the largest OF run?
4)    How many different pins/pendants (not ornaments) have I sculpted?
5)    What movie inspired the name of the “Bring Out Your Chinas” show?
6)    Bonus question (optional)- What do you wish I would sculpt?


Next up- a poll!  To the right of the main blog page, you’ll find these questions.  No contest here- this is just for fun & curiosity’s sake! What kind of Brightly Hude collector are you?

a)     I’m new- hurray!
b)    Been there from the beginning!
c)     It’s been few years now.  :)
d)    I discovered you maybe a year ago…
e)     I like penguins!


Now for the Big Fun… Give-aways!  Who doesn’t love give-aways?  I’ve got 10 items I’ve collected to give away to 10 people.  They range all over the 10 years I’ve been in business (and the moving/packing really helped me to find these things!).  I’m going to list them, in no particular order.  If you’d like to enter, email me, or leave a comment here with the ones you’d be interested in winning.  I will draw names at random for them, and post the winners here in 10 days (so you have 10 days to enter!  One entry [and one win] per person, and I ask that you be a legitimate collector). 


A. The original “Brushwork Horse” Tile- set into a frame with shelf
B.  “Jitterbug Artifact”  This was the original I used in making a rubber JB mold- his legs all broke off in the process, so I decided to make him into an “artifact!”  The base is real marble.
C. A Traditional Scale Arabian Halter I made some years ago
D.  Original 2007 Sketch- “Ringtail Lemur”  Used in my old Cafepress store
E.  Original 2007 Sketch- “Hippo” Used in my old Cafepress store
F.  “I Have No Egrets”  Matted 5 x 7 Print, 2010
G.  "Autumn Ginkgo" Matted 5 x 7 Print, 2008
H.  TB Horse pin in Black Appaloosa
I.  TB Horse pin in Grey Sabino
J.  2003 “Brigand” resin- Produced by Resins by Randy.  Unpainted- a little yellow, with a choice of base to the winner (the natural ground one has a little primer/overspray on it).
Click for larger images!



C. (Too big for Brig!)







So, either email me at: Adalee (at) BrightlyHude . com with the words “Give Away” in the subject line, or post a comment below!  You have until 11/10/11 to enter both contests.  Winners will be announced on 11/11/11.  Best wishes to all, and thanks for playing!