Friday, November 11, 2011

And the winners are...

Thanks to the random number generator, we have our winners!

Congratulations to:

A. Brushwork Tile & Shelf
Chris Allen

B. Jitterbug Artifact
Heather Wells

C. Arabian Halter
Vicki Foster Scott

D. Ringtail Lemur Sketch
Lindy Pinkham

E. Hippo sketch
Linda Dean

F. “I Have No Egrets" Print
Liz Strauss

G. "Autumn Ginkgo"

H. Black Appaloosa Pin 
Jeanene Bernardin

I. Grey Sabino Pin 
Susan Natschke 

J. Brigand resin
Becky Turner

Trivia Answers!

The winner:  Bev Manderfeld

1)    What is your name?
Everyone got this right! (I hope!)

2)    What is the name of my cat?
Jeanie!  I sculpted a pin portrait of her, & she was featured in a poster

3)    Which sculpture of mine had the largest OF run?
Skara Brae (at 50 pieces)

4)    How many different pins/pendants (not ornaments) have I sculpted?
17, counting the 2 different TB's (though I did accept 16, if you counted them as one sculpt).

5)    What movie inspired the name of the “Bring Out Your Chinas” show?
Monty Python & the Holy Grail

The bonus question was fun!  I certainly received a variety of animals- more than I'd expected!  Thank you all for giving me food for thought.  :)

Thank you to everyone who played- I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me!  Winners- feel free to email me your snail mail address, or I will get in touch with you soon!  More fun stuff to come in the next  post....


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  1. hey just saw I won the brigand resin! do you have my new email? I hadn't heard I won until I read this.. a little behind on my blog reading... woohoo!
    Becky Turner