Monday, March 14, 2011

To Sculpt, or Not to Sculpt...

Callahan needed his back lengthened, at one point...

Hey folks!

I thought I would try out the poll feature on this blog, just because I could! You will find it on the right hand side of the main page. I've been looking at reference pictures of breeds and poses over the past few weeks; I am hoping to hit the clay soon! Right now, I'm just wondering which of these ideas I should begin first- a couple of them have been floating in my brain for a while, and one of them is new. So, if you choose, you can voice your opinion & see if this helps to inspire me to get going on one or the other! I think I'd like to do all of these breeds at some point, but right now I've been going back & forth on which one to initially tackle. The breeds are: A Neapolitan Stallion in Levade (an extinct, historic, 'Baroque' breed), a Foundation Morgan Mare (probably running or trotting), or an American Indian Horse (a svelte stock breed that comes in every color!). So, what'll it be?



  1. I say American Indian horse! Yay for all colors!! One of these days, I would dearly love to add one of your appies to my herd!!

  2. Okay, as much as I loved Falconbridge, I don't do bases, so I have to admire him from outside my own collection—thus you'd think I'd vote for "morgan." But the temptation of a horse in sooo many colors won me over—I went with Indian horse too!