Friday, March 11, 2011

Brightly Hude is Here!

Greetings to all of my friends who followed Velasquez Artistry, and a big welcome to all of the new folk! Finally, Brightly Hude Studio is in business- the paperwork's all squared away, the website has been re-vamped, fun new electronic media was created, and lo, even some art work was produced, in the midst of all that!

I am very proud to announce that this year marks my 10th Anniversary in business! Sure, the name has changed, but the shiny goodness continues on! In honor of that, and to kick-start all of this bright new stuff, I thought I'd begin with a few giveaways, and a couple things for sale! While I'm waiting for my kiln to be delivered up to my new home (via a pair of wonderful parents), I started on some Toot Sweet & Jellibaby resins, and I've begun to plot out upcoming sculptures. In addition to that, for a while now, I'd been wanting to produce some ACEO cards ("Art Card Editions & Originals); I figured that now would be the perfect time! Hence I give you these brightly hued, Art Nouveau inspired originals. They are done in pen, acrylic and colored pencil (click for a larger image):

Wanna win one of these? There are 2 ways! You can enter both of these ways, or pick the one that best suits you. One entry per person, per site. To enter this giveaway, you can:

1) Leave a comment on this blog post with all 3 cards listed in the order that you prefer (a,b,c, or b,c,a, or c,b,a, etc.).

-) Well, I was going to do something with my new Facebook Fan Page - but there were just too many restrictions on promotions there! Anyhow, I will just draw 2 names from this blog post. But you can still "like" my new fan page, if you want!

2) Sign up for my new Yahoo Group.

That's it! I will be drawing one name from each site via random number generator on Tuesday, March 15th, at 6 pm PST (which will mark the end of the giveaway). No purchase is required, and I will contact the winners for their mailing addresses, and mail the card won to their home; anywhere in the world! Neither Blogspot, Facebook, or Yahoo have any affiliation with this promotion.

But wait- there's more!

Today, up for sale are 2 more art cards! My first items to be offered under the moniker, Brightly Hude! These cards for sale at $32.50 each including postage, an acid-free protective sleeve, and hard-plastic display case. They are first come/first serve- email me at: sales (at) brightlyhude (dot) com if you are interested in one!

And just because I can, here are a few pictures of the cards in their cases, along with some in progress pics. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope to someday do more in the future (and you will see, I've a couple of designs did not get finished in time!).

Oh! Before I forget- it is easy to subscribe to this blog! Enter in your email address, and have it neatly delivered to your email in-box, whenever there are updates (and I will try to be better about posting! My last blog was woefully kept up with...).



  1. New blog looking good! I like cards a, b, and c in that order, though I think they're all wonderful!

  2. Awesome! :D A, B, C. So cool!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful time away, but glad to see you back, C, A, B is my order :)

  4. They are all beautiful...A,B,C...welcome back!

  5. They're beautiful! C, B, A for me...

  6. Like several others, I am a CAB gal! No, not a taxi, but the order in which I love the cards!

  7. I love A-B-C! They look AWESOME as line art too!

  8. CBA for me! And my Trading Card of Emma is still my favorite, so I am glad to see you doing more of them. :)

  9. Thanks, gals!

    I am happy to be back. So glad you like the cards! :)

  10. Those would make a cool coloring book. B-C-A

  11. Beautiful work, Addi! Love the new blog :)
    Hard to pick, but C, B, A
    Love ya!

  12. Gorgeous! I like them in order, hehe! A-B-C