Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The 2014 Update

Hi There!

2014 is nearly over... but look... I am getting one post in this year!  Yeah, it has been that sort of year.  I think I am going to call it my 'lost' year.  My spring and summer were kind of lost to surgeries (a quality of life thing- not a life-threatening disease thing, thankfully!) and to our new Golden Retriever puppy.  Still, I am so very grateful that I was able to get done as much as I have, in spite of it all!  On that topic, if you have not already heard- I have new horse sculptures!  Well, new-ish... they are my little Historical Lippizaner Stallions.  Version I, the braided "Adagio," was unveiled in September, and one finished glaze custom was auctioned.  Version II, the wilder, more fantastically follicled brother was revealed shortly thereafter, and I've yet to glaze any (I still need to make the production molds... winter hit early and it has been too cold/wet!).

Below you can see the finished masters for the resin run!  How fun!

Yes, both versions are slated for resin runs and CM glaze runs.  I was pondering OF ceramic runs, but the difficulty of putting the cast pieces together may prevent that (both have one leg & their tail poured separately, and it is a nightmare trying not to break him while cleaning him and making sure everything is aligned and balanced!).  Anyhow, look for both resins and CM's to start appearing in 2015 (stay tuned to the Brightly Hude Yahoo Group & the Brightly Hude FB group for sales details!).

And now for the FUN part!  Version II of this little guy needs a name!  As I understand, the original Lipica stud was originally part of Italy (now it is part of Slovenia), so I decided to go with Italian musical terms for names.  "Adagio" is a tempo meaning slowly; I've got 3 ideas for a faster-tempo name:

Spiritoso (spiritedly) 

Animato (lively, animated)

and Arpeggio (pronounced Ahr-pej-ee-o; notes in a chord played quickly).  

To help me decide, I'm doing a Give-Away!  

Yes, it is simple to enter- please only enter ONCE!  To enter, leave a comment here, OR on the FB page, OR email me (adalee [at] brightlyhude [dot] com) by December 17th!  Indicate in your comment which name you like best- the winner will be randomly selected from all entries (you need not pick the winning name to win!).

The most popular name will be given to Version II.   One entry per person, and only enter via one method.  The prize is your choice of *either* a resin Adagio or resin Version II!  I will contact the winner.

Now, I leave you with a picture of Miss Puppers at 8 weeks:


Happy Holidays to all, and especially a Happy Advent & Merry Christmas to all who celebrate them!



  1. They are both beautiful! (and that picture of your puppy is adorable!) I like the name Spiritoso the best. :) Thank you for doing a Giveaway!

  2. Wheee! Since seeing them on Saturday I've been thinking of these guys, but I had forgotten you were doing a giveaway! My vote is for Arpeggio.

    Although all three names are fitting, Arpeggio is my favorite for him because I think it has a nice balance between the organized elegance of his pose and the wildness of his hairdo. Both the sound and meaning of the name reflect this.

  3. Arpeggio Congrats on a wonderful wee dude

  4. I think Arpeggio suits him best. Kind of the opposite of his more mild brother.

  5. Arpeggio - hope you have a wonderful 2015

  6. They're lovely! And the puppy is ADORABLE!!!
    I like Arpeggio!
    Favorite term from piano :)

  7. I'm going with Arpeggio. He's a lovely little guy!

  8. I am torn between Spiritoso and Arpeggio, but if I have to choose, I'll go with the latter. Nice horse!

  9. Arpeggio flows like his mane and tail!

  10. Arpeggio for me. I do feel Animato fits him better in description, but Arpeggio just seems to work better alongside Adagio. Whatever his name becomes, he is beautiful, I just love all that hair!

  11. I like "Arpeggio", I think the musical term fits his personality best :)