Friday, February 15, 2013

For My Next Trick...

Of course, I had to put in a reminder for the auctions!  
Check them out before they end tonight at 5:54 pm, 6:08 pm & 6:14 pm PST!

And for my next trick... putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again!  Yes, I felt it was finally time for me to pull out this poor bone china Ravenhill (sculpted by Hilary Hurley), that I broke back in 2010, while trying to work in too tight of an area in my parent's garage.  It was just a couple of weeks before my wedding (I was trying to go a bit too fast).  I did find another body & do a similar glaze job for the friend I for whom I was painting him (after the wedding!), but seeing as it was only his head that fell off, I figured I could do something with him someday.  And that day is now!

As Joan Berkwitz always says (though maybe it was Kristina Francis who originated it),  
"It was fun until the head fell off."

So here he is thus far!  Lots to be done to him (including re-sculpting an ear that got lost), but I hope to make him a beauty once again.  He will be finished with cold-paint, like a resin.  Here's hoping it all works!


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