Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Shiny Dream Come True

Picture this:

A visit to Pour Horse Pottery where Joan Berkwitz herself, and I, help you paint your own CM Glaze horse.  With enough food to eat, and friends to visit with & work alongside, to fill the day. Then- a relaxing evening with more socializing, merriment, and (of course) chocolate, in a lakeside bungalow.

Sound pretty good?

How about spending the next day with even more ceramic equine artists?  Learning to china-paint on specially designed porcelain medallions with pro Karen Gerhart, having Joanie show you how to repair your beloved broken pieces, learning to sculpt your own medallion with English artist Kelly Savage, learning about European Chinas with Pauline Entin and Kathy Williams, or discovering more about Digital Photography and Photo Showing with Mel Miller? Oh- and having large buffets served at every meal?

Even better, huh?

But wait!  Why not, on Saturday, throw in a specialized ceramic horse show with some of the finest examples of earthenware, bone china and porcelain horses you'll ever see?  Oh, and a couple more buffet meals- plus a sit-down banquet dinner with awards galore:

 Joanie will be making 30 of the new Hoscars!

But we're not done yet!

How about more showing on Sunday, more food, and another trip to Pour Horse for more visiting & learning how to make molds with Margaret Olson?

Pretty darn cool!

Joanie & I are so thankful to all of those who have been supporting the convention.  You can learn about some of the projects they are working on for BOYCC, on their blogs.  Sarah Minkiewicz has been working on a super special centerpiece on her blog, Musings at Minkiewicz Studios, and Lesli Kathman has shared on her blog, the name-badges she is making for all of the entrants:

A lot of good stuff! And it is going to be a lot of fun.  We've got friends coming from far and wide- will you be amoung them?  There are still a few spots available, if you aren't signed up, and have been considering it.  To learn more about this fantastic weekend, please visit:

I almost forgot!  Joanie has been hard at work on producing a very limited edition Pour Horse OF Callahan run.  This run will be available only to BOYCC entrants.  Here is a pic of a couple of the tests- the exact color hasn't been quite decided to my knowledge, but will be something along these lines:

See you there!  :)


  1. Indeed! You'd be most welcome! :)

  2. You have just described my idea of heaven, why does Australia have to be so far away!
    Is BOYCC a one off, or shall it be annual?

  3. I know! What I'd give for a transporter or TARDIS... that would help! :) If this BOYCC goes well, we would like to do it again in a couple of years (it's a little too much work to do every year!)

  4. Wonderful! Gives me a couple of years to plan :) My best wishes that everything goes well, and everyone has a wonderful time.

  5. Sounds great! Thanks so much! :)